Rank Application – Supplementary Materials

Course websites and project pages

CMM335 Social Media & Marketing website

CMM207 Writing for the Media Magazine (Fall 2015)

CMM400 Contemporary Issues: Algorithms, Automation & the Internet website

Student projects

CMM115 Final Projects: NASA, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

CMM115 / DLA Social Network Analysis projects: US Senate, Riverdale

HON350 Algorithms, Automation & the Internet Twitter Bots

Video feedback for students

CMM489 Thesis I Literature Review draft

CMM377 Online Portfolio draft

DLA assignments on ALICE

Concepting and Creating a Twitter Bot

Concepting and Creating a Chatbot

Testing Hypotheses and Research Questions through Social Network Analysis

Professional Writing Text Comparison for Word Choice, Style, and Audience

EC Radio promos

EC Radio Montage, The Remedy, SportITood